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3A-star-warriorAs a fan of 3A toys, I was excited to see their news release this morning in my mailbox about a new line of figures they’re doing: Star Wars Alternate. For those who don’t know, 3A is a toy, publishing and entertainment company founded by Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood. They make ridiculously cool, highly articulated and detailed toys, primarily robots and Japanese anime style human figures. Here’s the news in Ash’s own words.

Anyway, what’s been going on? Ok, spent the weekend discussing our upcoming STAR WARS line, which I’ll say is gonna be called STAR WARS ALTERNATE for now, that’s pretty exciting for me, coz I’m one of those f**kers that got inspired the day I saw the first SW film! Creative puberty hit hard that day, soon as I got home that day I made lego space ships and pretended to be Luke Skywalker, I’m not sure I ever stopped. So to be able to add to the story – albeit an alternate view – is a gift, and that goes for all of us who will directly shape this new world. Expect a proper press release and info, and I’m sure everyone will say Ash you can’t just casually announce, but hey I’m Luke Skywalker, and if I remember he kinda just did things his own way!

You might remember the 3A Star Warriors which were shown off last year which were part of their Tomorrow Kings line. Whether this new line will be similar to that, or more in line with the prototype Boba Fett and Stormtrooper they made a few years back, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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ThreeA Star Warriors On Display

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ThreeA shared some pictures from the Let’s Grow Old Together Art and Toy Show in PARCO Gallery X in Japan. Featured in the pics is some shots of the Tomorrow Kings Lonely Star Warriors Concept TK’s.

PARCO25_13 Continue Reading ThreeA Star Warriors On Display…

ThreeA’s Nod to Star Wars

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ThreeAAs a toy collector, ThreeA is pretty much my pride and joy. They make some awesome stuff and their World War Robot line is hard to beat. With gritty looking robots and soldiers who look like they were pulled out of some horrific, World War I nightmare, it’s the stuff that makes a collector drool. Their attention to detail, the amount of articulation, and their level of quality is the sort of thing that creates a loyal fanbase. When the company’s co-creator designed a prototype for a 6-inch scale stormtrooper and Boba Fett, it was almost a dream come true. Sadly those figures did not go into production, however, collectors may be getting a second chance of sorts: the Lonely Star Warrior Concept TK.

Three weeks ago, Ashley wood teased some images of stormtrooper helmeted figures. Continue Reading ThreeA’s Nod to Star Wars…

Star Wars Comic Con News: The Clone Wars Season 4 & More

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We will be keeping a running post here of all of today’s Star Wars activity at San Diego Comic Con 2011. Updates will be posted throughout the day.

Update: StarWars.com has released a teaser video from TCW Season 4: Water War.

Update: StarWars.com also has more details on the limited edition Star Wars console bundle.

The Clone Wars Season 4 news is out, and this season the theme is battle lines! Dave Filoni revealed that season 4 will kick off with an underwater trilogy featuring Admiral Ackbar and a sharkish looking Separatist named Rik Enson. Season 4 will also feature the planet Umbara, the night planet of the Umbarans. The Besalisk Jedi seen in the trailers is named General Krell. The Aleena species will get featured. Other featured characters include Savage Opress, Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, Jabba the Hutt, Bossk, Pre Vizla, Dengar (debut) and more Nightsisters. You can check out Secrets of the Force blog for more details, pictures, and video clips.

Continue Reading Star Wars Comic Con News: The Clone Wars Season 4 & More…

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