How Big Is Big? – Time For Some Perspective

September 27, 2011 at 1:56 pm | Posted in Regular Feature, Science News | Leave a comment
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This week for science Tuesday I thought I would share an excellent series of pictures a reader emailed me that lend a little perspective to how small we really are. In the vernacular I use in this column I often refer to planet Earth as “our little blue marble” or occasionally I wax a bit less eloquent and call her “this mudball”. From a certain more cosmic point of view though, we don’t even rate that large.

I would love to give credit to whoever created these pictures. Sadly I found it difficult to google an image. I do not know where they originated but if they are your work please verify that in some reasonable way as I would be happy to credit you.

First, let’s have a look at Earth in relation to our closest celestial neighbors.

Who's a big dog? Earth is a big dog baby. Woof!

Looking good for our little blue marble, yes? By the way, I am aware that Pluto isn’t nearby and I’m not even going to get into the “is it a planet” thing but it’s there for further perspective. Now let’s see how we stack up against some of the heavy hitters in the Solar System. Continue Reading How Big Is Big? – Time For Some Perspective…

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