Book Review: ‘The Sentinel’ by Troy Denning

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the-sentinelContinuing our coverage of The Sundering series, we bring you our review of Troy Denning’s The Sentinel. It’s going to be a long long wait before we see any more Star Wars books, so if you’re looking for your Denning fix, the Forgotten Realms is the place to be, especially with Troy already working on his next Realms novel. Click here to check out our full review of The Sentinel.

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New Release: ‘The Sentinel’ by Troy Denning

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Troy Denning has a new book out today as he makes his long awaited return to the Forgotten Realms. The Sentinel marks the fifth book in The Sundering series, which features authors R.A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, Erin M. Evans, Richard Lee Byers, Troy Denning and Ed Greenwood.

Embittered paladin, Kleef Kenric, finds himself embroiled in a quest to stop evil forces from taking advantage of the chaos rolling across the land of Faerûn and claiming dominion over the entirety of the Realms. After battling his way out Marsember, a city besieged on all sides in the wake of the Sundering, he becomes swept up in the mission of a group of odd allies—a warrior princess, an accomplished thief, and a mysterious short pudgy man exuding a faint odor of decay. With the forces of Shade tracking their every step, they travel to the Underdark to thwart the rise of the goddess of Death, but before long Kleef discovers that his allies hide dangerous secrets—secrets that could destroy not only Kleef but the very fabric of the Forgotten Realms.

Click here to check out the official product page for more information, sample chapters and retailer links for The Sentinel.

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Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

  • Joining the list of “Untitled” Star Wars books is “Untitled Star Wars Book #3” (via edelweiss) which is set for a January 13, 2015 release (352 pages, hardcover). This is most likely Kevin Hearne‘s untitled Luke Skywalker novel, the third book in the Empire and Rebellion series. No blurb or description is given for the book. As for the other two “Untitled” Star Wars books, there is still no new updates, however they are not the Star Wars Rebels original novels, as those two have separate listings.
  • Tim Lebbon‘s Mannequin Man and the Plastic Bitch is now available as an eBook.

Comic News

  • Predator and Alien fans can check out some sneak peaks at Dark Horse’s upcoming content. Bleeding Cool has an interview with Scott Allie and Joshua Williamson featuring artwork from the Predator comic, and CBR has an interview with Chris Robertson featuring artwork from the Aliens comic.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

501stCast: Episode 80 is a bit of a short episode. Ed Cook fills in for Scott Allen as co-host, and this show focuses on 501st Legion troop reports and upcoming events. Nice to hear that the Legion had some pretty good charity success at Toronto Comic Con with over $6,000 raised with shoot-a-trooper. Good podcast to check out if you want to keep up to date on Legion news.

Assembly of Geeks:Grumpy Gamorrean Godzilla” covers a variety of geeky topics which a focus on television and film news and rumors. Lots of entertaining discussion, and I really enjoyed their gag with the giant Gamorrean trampling Mos Eisley. Good way to stay up on tv and movie news for sci-fi and superhero stuff.

Bombad Radio: Episode 131 has a nice interview with Star Wars voice actor David Ankrum who voiced Wedge in Star Wars: A New Hope. It’s a very upbeat interview as David talks about his job in Star Wars, the other film work he’s done, and how he transitioned into writing and working as a talent agent.

Episode 132 is hosted by Jeremiah and Jason and begins their discussion of the novels of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Tearing apart and assigning praise, the hosts ambitiously go through nearly every Star Wars novel to give listeners and overview of the EU and what’s to come. In future episodes, they’ll be diving into deeper discussion on specific books, but in this episode they touch on all of them. If you’ve already the books, you may not agree with all their opinions, but I have to give them props for actually discussing each one and giving new readers an idea of what to expect. This would be an excellent episode to listen to if you’re new to the EU and would like a crash course on the books.

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Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web.

Book News

  • For horror fans, you might be familiar with the Australian horror flick Wolf Creek. Not only is the movie getting a sequel in February, but a book series as well. Penguin Books will be releasing Wolf Creek: Origin February 1st, a prequel to the original film. The book will be by authors Greg Mclean and Aaron Sterns who are also the writers of the films. Alongside that will be Wolf Creek: Desolation Game by Greg Mclean and Brett McBean. Like Origin, it’s a prequel novel. Both are being published over in Australia so I’m not sure when they’ll be available elsewhere, however Amazon does have a US eBook listing for Origin and Desolation Game with a January 2nd release.
  • Jason Fry did a nice Q&A for a young fan. In his letter, he included a mention for three new Star Wars books he’s got coming out and one that’s on hold.
  • Martha Wells has a nice year end wrap-up post for fans wanting to make sure they didn’t miss out on anything.
  • Paul S. Kemp talked a little about The Godborn and Egil & Nix over on Fantasy Book Critic.
  • Plus an update on The Sentinel by Troy Denning, “Just finished proofreading the galleys for my Sundering novel, THE SENTINEL (due out in April). Boy, it’s fun to be in the Realms again!”
  • Kevin J. Anderson is also holding a bad joke contest for his Dan Shamble, Zombie PI character McGoo on Facebook.

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Our Interview with ‘Crucible’ Author Troy Denning

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Crucible is one wild ride and it provides a ton of material worthy of exploration. We spoke with author Troy Denning to dive deeper into the details: how did Crucible come about, where did the Columi come from, what didn’t make it into the book and much more. Plus, for Forgotten Realms fans, we touch a little on The Sundering.

Fair Warning: Spoilers kick in at 12:20.

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Roqoo Depot Interview with Troy Denning at CVI

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Are you wondering what Crucible is going to be like? Do you want to know more about the upcoming Forgotten Realms novel The Sentinel? Are there unanswered Tarfang, Jae Juun, Hapan and Squib questions driving you crazy? Well we have some answers for you in our Star Wars Celebration VI interview with author Troy Denning. Troy took the time to chat with us about Star Wars, Forgotten Realms, and writing in general. We got to the bottom of the tropical shirt conspiracy between him, Aaron Allston and Jeff Grubb as well as some more thoughtful questions about the future of Star Wars.

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The Sundering: Kemp, Denning, Salvatore and More!

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One of the big announcements at Gen Con 2012 was the announcement of a new six book series that will change the world of the Forgotten Realms. The new series is being called The Sundering and will feature a different author for each book. The authors (in order) will include R. A. Salvatore (The Companions), Paul S. Kemp (The Godborn), Erin M. Evans (The Adversary), Richard Lee Byers (The Reaver), Troy Denning (The Sentinel), and Ed Greenwood (The Herald). Popular characters such as like Drizzt Do’Urden, Elminster, Drasek Riven, and Erevis cale will be appearing in the novels, as well as some new characters like Erevis Cale’s son, Vasen Cale.

For Denning fans this is big news since Troy hasn’t written a Forgotten Realms novel since The Sorcerer back in 2002. I’m really interested to see who the “old favorites” will be in The Sentinel.

As a huge Kemp fan, I’m glad that they revealed some new artwork of the characters which includes Erevis Cale, Drasek Riven, and Vasen Cale (Vasen Cale is crouching with the sword and shield, Erevis Cale is behind him bleeding shadowstuff, and Drasek Riven is second from the far right right). I’ve been looking forward to The Godborn and I can’t wait to see what Paul cooks up.

The Keynote Address also featured a cover gallery showcasing each book. You can watch the 2012 Gen Con Keynote Address below (book news starts around 34:00).

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