Book Review: The Icarus Hunt by Timothy Zahn

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Combine one part chase film, one part murder mystery, one part science fiction noir, and the result is the engrossing Icarus Hunt  by Timothy Zahn. Chances are most of you reading this are familiar with Zahn’s work in the Star Wars fandom* (given that we’re a heavily Star Wars themed blog). Those novels are well loved by fans, but a cursory survey – by which I mean a quick question to my Twitter followers – reveals that many of you are less familiar with his non-Star Wars works. Until a few months ago, I was in that category as well. Given how much I’ve loved his works in that fandom, I figured it was high time I gave some of his original novels a shot.

*If you’re not familiar with his work, your homework is to go get yourself a copy of Heir to the Empire, preferably the 20th anniversary edition, and put it on your reading list. It’s on NPR’s Top 100 List of Science Fiction Novels, after all.  

Let me say, I should have done this sooner, because it lead me to the brilliant Icarus Hunt.

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