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If you’ve been following Tom Taylor’s Star Wars comics, you’ll probably agree that he’s a wicked good comic writer. His writing skill equally applies to his non-Star Wars comics, and if you love a good story, you won’t want to miss out on this sale. Graphically is offering Tom Taylor’s single issue comic The Example for just 99 cents (digital copy). The eleven page comic is not an action fest or feast for the eyes. Done in black and white, the simplicity of the art reinforces the focus of the story: drama. It’s a brief story, but a good one, and well worth checking out.

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Interview with Tom Taylor and Book Contest

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Rowena Cory Daniells has an interview with another Star Wars writer, this time the incredibly talented comic writer Tom Taylor. There is also the opportunity to win a free copy of Tom’s graphic novel The Deep. The interview covers a range of topics from Tom’s good old days in school to Star Wars canon, comedy, and his other projects.

Q: Rombies (written by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Skye Ogden, Colours by Mikiko Ponczeck) is a historical paranormal tale set in ancient Rome. What inspired you to set a story in ancient Rome? Have you always been fascinated by its history?

Skye Ogden inspired me. Honestly, this was originally his idea. I just ran with it, and I’m very glad I did. Gestalt actually asked me to write this very early on in our working relationship and I said no. I’m not a massive horror fan and I wasn’t sure this was the project for me. The night after I said no, I had a dream about Gladiators fighting zombie lions beneath the Coliseum. I called them the very next morning to say yes. I wanted to see Zombie Lions come to un-life. We made that happen. Where we plan to go next is epic.

I highly recommend checking this interview out. It includes some pretty fun humor, and the part that covered The Example was enough to convince me to go out and buy it. Click here to read the full interview and for a chance to win The Deep.

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