‘The Essential Characters’ Canceled?

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At Star Wars Celebration VI, Del Rey unveiled some cool new Star Wars books that had readers excited. There was the big announcement of Sword of the Jedi, the Empire and Rebellion series, and a new essential guide to characters book. The guide turned into The Essential Characters and was to be written by Daniel Wallace and illustrated by Doug Wheatley. Doug even took time away from the Dark Times comic series in order to do the project.

Then Disney happened.

Inevitably that brought about a delay in its release. It was put on pause. Now it’s canceled…at least according to the edelweiss.

It’s not completely unexpected, but it’s still sad to see. With Episode VII forthcoming (not to mention spin off films and a whole sequel trilogy) there will be plenty of new guides in the future. The problem is the thought of all that hard work Daniel Wallace and Doug Wheatley poured into this guide and it not seeing the light of day. Let us hope we get some good news in the Star Wars literary world very soon, because us readers could definitely use it. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to settle for an awesome Darth Maul book coming at the end of January.

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The Essential Characters Guide “Paused”

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Going through YouTube, I was searching for Star Wars Reads Day coverage and came across a nice video of the Star Wars Reads Day event in Roseville, MN. The event included Star Wars authors Troy Denning and Daniel Wallace. RFBikerScout was nice enough to capture the video and post it for fans to enjoy. Of course the authors talked about their history in Star Wars, their books and lots of other fun topics, but right at the end of the video, Dan said something that caught me off guard. He said that the new Essential Guide to characters book has been paused.

“I was in the middle of–cause it was announced–writing the new Essential Guide to Characters…has kind of…you know, paused, I guess right now because of the movies.” -Daniel Wallace, at 28:16

Now The Essential Characters was slated for an April 15, 2014 release prior to the Disney purchase of Star Wars and the announcement of the sequel movies. Last month that release date was changed in the edelweiss catalog to March 1, 2016, a massive pushback. Without hearing anything from the publishers, it was hard to know whether that date could be trusted. However, hearing Dan say that the book has been paused certainly clears up the matter. While it makes perfect sense to delay the project in order to add all the new characters from Episode VII and possibly even Star Wars Rebels, it’s still sad to see another book being put on hold. Hopefully we’ll get some more positive news soon, especially with hints that there are more Star Wars books yet to be announced for 2014.

Until then, you can check out the video below by RFBikerScout and his coverage of the Troy Denning and Daniel Wallace Star Wars Reads Day event.

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More Star Wars Essential Characters

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Del Rey has posted a preview of some more artwork from the upcoming Star Wars: The Essential Characters.

Click here to check them out full size.

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EUCantina Interviews Erich Schoeneweiss

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EUCantina posted a nice interview today with Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss. The interview covers how Erich chose Doug Wheatley to do the upcoming Essential Guide to Characters, a direct question one whether or not Matthew Stover is doing a Republic/Imperial Commandos novel, as well as a confirmation that Dark Horse’s Legacy series is still canon. You can check out the full interview here.

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Star Wars Celebration VI – THE Essential Panel

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THE Essential Panel at Star Wars Celebration VI was a surprisingly fun panel packed with new art images for the upcoming essential books as well as sun fun insight and behind the scenes info. You can check out our video below which includes full audio for the panel with some slides of the artwork that was revealed. The panel was hosted by Pablo Hidalgo, Erich Schoeneweiss, Doug Wheatley, Jason Fry, Chris Trevas, and Jeff Carlisle.

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Preview Art for ‘The Essential Characters’

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As reported earlier, Dark Horse Comics artist Doug Wheatley will be illustrating the upcoming Star Wars: The Essential Characters. Del Rey has posted a preview of some of Doug’s awesome work for the book. You can check it out here.

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New Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters

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There is a new Star Wars essential guide to characters in the works and Del Rey posted a little update on some of the characters who won’t be making the cut.

So many of you replied with character suggestions, and for the most part we had already included many of them, but there were some that we took a second look at and realized they should be expanded and there were others that for one reason or another we had missed and so were added. In fairness, there’s only so much room in the book and we can’t include all of the characters (sorry Jaxxon and Don-Wan Kihotay), but I’m confident we now have a solid selection from the SWEU (books, comics, games, cartoon, movies).

You can see the character suggestions that were made here. Still no word yet on what artists will be attached to the project, though we know Daniel Wallace will be writing it, or when we can expect it to be released (summer 2013 is the current target).

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