George Lucas On Status of Live action TV Show, Star Tours and 3D Star Wars

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On Monday and Tuesday night this week (May 23-24) the G4 networks prolific flagship series Attack of The Show has scored interviews with The Maker, George Lucas himself. In last night’s interview Mr. Lucas, accompanied by Disney’s Tom Fitzgerald, discussed with AoTS host Kevin Pereira the newly revamped Star Tours ride located at Disney’s theme parks.  In what appeared to be a pre-taped (but I don’t know that) interview they discussed at length the complete reboot of the ride.

After the interview concluded on Monday’s show, AoTS co-host Candace Bailey teased tonight’s interview “part 2” by adding that there would be information about the long awaited live action Star Wars TV series, announced by the most unimpeachable source of them all, George Lucas himself. I’ll give you both interviews below.

Yes, you heard him. Sadly the live action show is on indefinite hold while LFL solves budgetary issues, despite having fifty hours of the show on the shelf. That makes me sad. He did say they hoped to have it solved soon and be back in production.

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