Surprise Correspondent Patrick Stewart

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In case you missed it, Patrick Stewart teamed up this week with John Stewart on The Daily Show to mock the NFL referees lockout.

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Lucas, Fanboys, Red Tails, and the Studios

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I wouldn’t categorize George Lucas as everywhere these days.  That’s only because he doesn’t have to do what everyone else does to promote a new movie.  His stature can garner him some heavy hitters: The New York Times and Oprah Winfrey — not to mention John Stewart’s The Daily Show, and that’s exactly what he did to put out the word about his new movie, Red Tails.  And he didn’t get wasted on a column or a single sound bite.  In a time when newspapers are either getting internet savvy or dying, The New York Times online posted a 6 page article.

While most scooped up the news of Lucas’s retirement (which is in the “not quite” category; he’s done with blockbusters), only a few managed to notice something that people in Star Wars land know all too well: fanboy flaming.  It’s one thing to have legitimate criticism and voice it like a mature individual.  After all, there are very few projects met with universal approval.  In Star Wars land, there’s a vocal segment of fandom that can be downright nasty, posting diatribes of vitriol against George Lucas.  Ah, how the anonymity of the internet emboldens.  They’ve even earned their own name: Lucas Bashers.  They also prompted Katie Lucas to tweet a long message to them last May 4th (Star Wars fandom’s holy day) blasting them for their attitudes.  She has a point; they come across as very self-entitled and lacking in basic manners.  For some reason, they also suffer under the delusion that Lucas doesn’t know what’s going on in his own fandom.  Not so.  Lucas is very aware and in The New York Times piece he had a couple of things to say to his bashers. Continue Reading Lucas, Fanboys, Red Tails, and the Studios…

Red Tails: “This is as Close as You’ll Get to Episode 7”

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Yes, that’s what the man himself said.  George Lucas, speaking to John Stewart on The Daily Show talked about his upcoming movie, Red Tails, premiering January 20th.  And it was clear from that this is a project Lucas loves.  He spent 23 years trying to get it made.  Of the 40 original Tuskegee Airmen that he consulted for the movie only 7 are left.

George Lucas made it very clear that this is definitely a combat movie, and it has the feel and authenticity of the time it’s set in.  It’s also a tribute to often overlooked but very real American heroes.  One of the problems Lucas faced in making the movie was whittling down the story because there’s still so much to tell.  Lucas didn’t just hint, but came out and said if the movie does well, there will be a prequel and a sequel.  That’s how much he wants to tell the story of men who helped saved the world only to return and face discrimination at home.

The movie itself faced discrimination just getting off the ground.  Because of Lucas’s desire for authenticity there are no big name Caucasian stars in it, and the studios saw that as a drawback.  But George Lucas is nothing if not persevering.  He made the movie and he made it his way — to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.

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