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Tags: , , conducted a very nice interview with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill which they posted yesterday. The interview was done at San Diego Comic Con 2011 with Todd VanDerWerff. They cover a range of topics including the film he directed Comic Book: The Movie and the difficulties he had in shooting footage while surrounded by fans. They also cover Mark’s upcoming movie Sushi Girl which will be out next year. In Mark’s own words he gets to play a “such a lowlife scumbag, and so perverse.” The role gave him a lot of freedom from who he is in reality, and it sounded like he enjoyed it a lot. Plus relates his experience with Sam Fuller in The Big Red One, a classic war film.

Aside from the movies, Mark talked about working with Jack Elam and Gary Busey in the television show The Texas Wheelers. There’s also a Dark Horse comic book he co-wrote with Eric Johnson that follows a masked vigilante and illustrates why Batman wouldn’t work in the real world, “it’s much more Fargo than it is Batman And Robin.” The comic book, The Black Pearl, actually started out as a screenplay (that Mark and Eric wrote), and now that screenplay might become a movie.

And of course they cover The Joker and Star Wars. You can read the full interview here.

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