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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

  • Star Wars Books revealed a bit more on James Luceno‘s upcoming novel Tarkin.

We’re loving STAR WARS: TARKIN. The titular character makes for a phenomenal protagonist, and James Luceno beautifully amalgamates the classic trilogy incarnations of Vader and the Emperor with their prequel era counterparts: The Emperor exhibits the reptilian charm of Chancellor Palpatine, and while Vader feels like Vader, there are tangible shades of Anakin Skywalker as well. He adds dimensions to these three characters while remaining faithful to their core, a hard balance to achieve. Alex Freed also submitted the manuscript for a new short story for Star Wars Insider and it’s boffo. Details will be forthcoming, but what we can tell you now is that it’s a refreshing yet gritty take on the destruction of Alderaan.

  • Author Tony DiTerlizzi talked with Hero Complex about his new children’s book The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight coming out in October. It’s a brief interview but interesting as Tony talks about the challenge of using Ralph McQuarrie’s paintings as the illustrations for the book and integrating those into the story as the pictures don’t always match what happened.

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