Roqoo Depot Roundtable: Changes

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RD Roundtable

RD staff retro podcasting, 6th century style

Starting today, Roqoo Depot is introducing a new regular feature, The Roundtable, where members of our staff will discuss pertinent topics.  Think of it as podcasting in print.

Yesterday we had some fun poking fun at Disney, but today we’re turning to more serious discussion regarding all the changes Disney is bringing about, including the cancellation of TCW and the holds on various other projects.

Skuldren: Recently Disney has announced that they are postponing Star Wars: Detours and they are winding down The Clone Wars by turning what was intended to be season six into bonus content. Keep in mind the general idea for The Clone Wars was to run eight seasons. Star Wars 1313 is also on hold, and the 3D releases of Episodes I and II have been put on hold. All of this has been marketed as “focusing on Episode VII.” Thoughts?

Geralyn: My thoughts are that I just don’t get the TCW cancellation.  The show was amazing and successful and there’s nothing to replace it.  Fans are left hanging in a void.  This does not seem like smart marketing to me.  Now there is talk of layoffs at Lucas Animation.  This upsets me, and it’s another thing I don’t get.  Didn’t Disney leave Pixar alone when they acquired it — just let them do their thing? Continue Reading Roqoo Depot Roundtable: Changes…

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