Sword of the Jedi Update

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Knights Archive spotted a comment made by author Christie Golden over on Facebook regarding the Sword of the Jedi series. The trilogy was announced back at Star Wars Celebration VI and Christie Golden was set to be the author.

“The very talented Shea Standefer wearing the art that was used to announce my Jaina Solo trilogy which may or may not happen (don’t know yet.) I think I better get one of these shirts…” -Christie Golden

So, we can now official add Sword of the Jedi to the unknown pile along with Kemp’s mysterious duology. Hopefully will get some more news early next year on what we can expect in the way of new Star Wars books, especially as the script for Episode VII is completed.

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Get Your Sword of the Jedi Shirt

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The Her Universe Sword of the Jedi Jaina Solo shirt is now up and available for purchase. It’s $28 plus S&H. (The Mara Jade shirt is also available)

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Two New Books Announced At NY Comic Con

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The New York Comic Con got underway today, and two new books were added to an already exciting lineup of upcoming Star Wars books.

The first one is a Classic-Era novel starring Han Solo by James S. A. Correy, as part of the same newly announced “Rebel” series that already has a book scheduled to feature on Luke Skywalker and another book on Princess Leia.

The second book announced is tentatively titled “KENOBI” and features everyone’s favorite Jedi Master after Episode 3, and will be by John Jackson Miller. Cue Synlah fainting.



Christie Golden’s Sword of the Jedi trilogy will feature Jagged Fel, Tahiri, Ben Skywalker, and Allana.

Paul S. Kemp’s still untitled duology “will f’ing blow your minds!”

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Star Wars Celebration VI – What’s Coming From Del Rey Panel

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For those who would like to hear the full audio for the What’s Coming From Del Rey Panel that was featured at Star Wars Celebration VI, we’ve compiled a Youtube video complete with some of the artwork that was shown at the panel. The panel briefly covered upcoming books like Annihilation, Scoundrels, The Last Jedi, Crucible and the newly announced Rebels series and Sword of the Jedi trilogy. It was hosted by Pablo Hidalgo, Aaron Allston, James Luceno, Drew Karpyshyn, Jennifer Heddle, Shelly Shapiro, Troy Denning, and Timothy Zahn.

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Celebration VI Breaking News

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Del Rey Panel Announcement: Sword of the Jedi

Post Fate of the Jedi trilogy by Christie Golden and featuring Jaina Solo Fel.

Catch our full recap of day 2 of Celebration VI later today, and watch for more breaking news reports.

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