Star War Mythos at SDCC

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Sideshow Collectibles is showing off some of their Star Wars Mythos statues at San Diego Comic Con 2012, including Lomrokk, Boba Fett, Vader, and Desert Nomad Ben Kenobi.

Check out for more pictures.

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Fett Gets a Bigger Gun

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Walk softly and carry a big stick…or if you’re Boba Fett, a huge blaster rifle. Sideshow Collectibles has released some pictures of the upcoming Mythos statue of Boba Fett. Click here to check out the other pictures. You can also view their sneak peak video here.

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First Look at Star Wars Mythos

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Sideshow Collectibles is kicking off a new line of Star Wars statues labeled Star Wars Mythos:

“This line of collectibles will be populated by characters from new and existing story lines. We will bring history, unique details and personal choices to each in order to elaborate on who they are. Through the design and sculpt process our goal is to delve deeper into these established characters and offer our own interpretations of what they have done outside of the Star Wars canon.”

They have a great site setup that shows some beautiful new artwork relating to each piece, cool little back stories, and the sneak peaks of the statues themselves. It’s suffice to say that these statues look AWESOME! Take a look below at some of the wonderful images and be sure to visit the site to real all the cool back stories written from different perspectives for each piece. Continue Reading First Look at Star Wars Mythos…

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