‘Star Wars 1313’ Footage

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Enjoy your first look at some gameplay footage from Star Wars 1313 via E3 and SpikeTV.

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New Image of “The Hole”

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Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at Star Wars 1313 that includes another picture of the game, this one focusing on Level 1313 which they describe as a “subterranean city.”

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‘Star Wars 1313’: Bounty Hunters Badder than Ever

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Yesterday it was revealed that LucasArts newest game franchise will be Star Wars 1313. Yes, with all the rumors about that swirled about, we actually already knew the title of the game weeks ago, and theories about it being a Boba Fett game were pretty close to the mark: Star Wars 1313 will be about bounty hunters. Furthermore, it’s going to be marketed at a mature audience. Maybe we’ll finally get to see lightsabers lop off some arms and legs.

According to IGN, Star Wars 1313 will be a third person action adventure game taking place on Coruscant and starring a bounty hunter. The plot will revolve around a criminal conspiracy and it’s hinted that the mature content could come into play with the seedy locales. It appears the game will be taking place in a region of Coruscant called Level 1313. IGN also mentioned there will be cover based shooting and an assortment of exotic weaponry (which I’m hoping means lightsabers and in turn dismemberment like we’ve never seen it before in a Star Wars game).

Next week at E3 we’ll all get a preview of the game. With just one promo image to go on and a brief description, this game certainly looks promising. Star Wars 1313 will definitely be a step in the opposite direction of kid geared games like Star Wars Kinect and their galactic dance offs. It also marks a step away from the standard fare style gameplay of The Force Unleashed and the Knights of the Old Republic, games that dulled down the violence for younger audiences.

For more info you can check out the official Facebook site here or the LucasArts website for it here. You can also watch last night’s episode of GameTrailers TV here to see the reveal of Star Wars 1313.

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Conspiracy Report: Star Wars 1313

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A new mystery is circling the web. Lucasfilm has begun registering domains under the guise “starwars1313.” What could it mean? A Star Wars historical crossover in the year 1313 AD? The marriage of the Dark Sith Underlord to his Gungan mistress in 1313 BBY? Some think it has to do with Boba Fett and the alias CT-1313 he used. Here on Roqoo Depot, we think it means Star Wars 1-3-13 as in January 1, 2013. What could be so big? We’re laying our bets on Return of the Ewok in 3D!

Or maybe Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in 3D. We admit, it’s a toss up.

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