Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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STID_OneSheet_Fri_lxr12cOSVflEAny Star Wars fan who goes to see Star Trek Into Darkness will immediately banish any fears they might have had over the announcement that JJ Abrams will be directing Episode VII. This Star Trek sequel, the 12th in the series and 2nd helmed by Abrams, is both flashy and bold, with the stakes raised and the heroes being kicked around a little more than usual.

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First Stark Trek Into Darkness Clip

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(via The Mary Sue)

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Around the Web

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In the headlines this week, there’s a new petition out there against Disney, but hey, this time it’s not by Star Wars fans. It would seem there are some questionable Avengers shirts being merchandised towards boys and girls. The boy’s shirts proclaim “Be a hero” while the girl’s shirts say “I need a hero.” You can catch the full story here on The Daily Dot.

Comic writer Tom Taylor has made Amazon’s Top 100 Authors List with the smashing success of his Injustice: Gods Among Us comic for DC Comics. Is it really that good? Why yes it is. Congratulations to Tom for earning a bit of well deserved success. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Star Trek 2: Cumberbatch Role Confirmed

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Syfy blastr and Trek Movie (which broke the news) have both posted spoiler warnings for this so I suppose we need to as well.  Although, with the movie still a year + out, it’s not going to stay a secret for long, but considered yourself warned.

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