The Clone Wars Earns Five Annie Nominations

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For their 39th Annual Annie Awards the International Animated Film Society has honored Star Wars: The Clone Wars with five nominations in the following categories.

  • Best General Audience Animated TV Production
  • Animated Effects in an Animated Production: Joel Aron
  • Voice Acting in a Television Production: Dee Bradley Baker as the clone troopers
  • Voice Acting in a Television Production: Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress
  • Editing in Television Production: Jason W.A. Tucker

ILM also received multiple nominations including one for Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.  You can read more on TOS as well as the Annie Awards Official Site.

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George Lucas On Status of Live action TV Show, Star Tours and 3D Star Wars

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On Monday and Tuesday night this week (May 23-24) the G4 networks prolific flagship series Attack of The Show has scored interviews with The Maker, George Lucas himself. In last night’s interview Mr. Lucas, accompanied by Disney’s Tom Fitzgerald, discussed with AoTS host Kevin Pereira the newly revamped Star Tours ride located at Disney’s theme parks.  In what appeared to be a pre-taped (but I don’t know that) interview they discussed at length the complete reboot of the ride.

After the interview concluded on Monday’s show, AoTS co-host Candace Bailey teased tonight’s interview “part 2” by adding that there would be information about the long awaited live action Star Wars TV series, announced by the most unimpeachable source of them all, George Lucas himself. I’ll give you both interviews below.

Yes, you heard him. Sadly the live action show is on indefinite hold while LFL solves budgetary issues, despite having fifty hours of the show on the shelf. That makes me sad. He did say they hoped to have it solved soon and be back in production.

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Boba Fett at Disney Star Tours

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We may not know whether Darth Vader himself will be at Star Tours, but his favorite bounty hunter, Daniel Logan, has tweeted he will be appearing at week 1 of the re-opening.

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Disney Star Tours Poster

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Disney’s blog revealed a new poster for Star Tours today. Check it out.

Designed by Disney Imagineer Scot Drake, the poster focuses on the Starspeeder 1000. All in all the poster looks kinda neat.

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Yoda Training Younglings at Disney?

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Tags: is reporting a rumor that a new feature may be added to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Jedi Training Academy. The proposed idea would be that Yoda would take over the training sessions on a Dagobah swamp set. In this case Yoda would be an “advanced, interactive…audio-animatronic — complete with Lightsaber.”  The site emphasized that this is very early in the development, so there is the possibility it won’t happen, however, the “Imagineers” are onsite looking at plans and they “believe” there is a skeleton mock-up of Yoda being used in testing. The proposed feature would utilize laser light show aspects, a multilevel indoor environment, and of course the animatronic Yoda. You can check out their site for further details on the rumor.

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Threepio Pilots Star Tours

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Speaking with the Los Angeles Times recently, Anthony Daniels revealed that it will be none other than his alter ego, human-cyborg relations protocol droid C-3PO who will be at the controls.

Daniels said he was giddy when he found out that his gleaming, gold-colored alter ego would be at the controls.

“Threepio is the pilot, and it’s huge for me,” the 65-year-old native of Salisbury, England, said. Senior Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering “Tom Fitzgerald, who sold me the concept [of the first Star Tours attraction] 20-some years ago, sat across a desk and acted out the whole ride for me — he’s that kind of guy and just one of my favorite people. He came to England about two years ago, and we were sitting there having drinks when he said, ‘I want to tell you about the new Star Tours,’ “ Daniels recounted as he walked through the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday.  ”The bit you’re going to really like is that C-3PO gets to be the pilot. I kept it a secret for a while, but we had to admit it. As soon as the build started and C-3PO was put in the flight simulator, the news was going to get out.”

Daniels offered plenty of teasers to entice fans to the reopening of Star Tours, describing the ride as the “adventure of a lifetime” and “beyond inventive”.    One thing we can tell you is that the ride has branching variables and a rider could experience completely different outcomes on multiple rides.

Read all of the article  at the LA Times Hero’s Complex site.

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Star Tours: Official Dedication Planned

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Disney is planning an official dedication ceremony for the reopening of Star Tours. It will be held May 20th at 10 AM.  While we don’t know that George Lucas will be there, you never know.  He was there in 1987 to dedicate the original Star Tours.

In addition there will be a media event held on May 19th.

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Star Tours Destinations Deciphered

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Big Shiny Robot has deciphered the Star Tours destinations Disney posted early today.  Here’s the first look.

Tatooine – Status – Gate Changed
Coruscant – Status – On Time
Tatooine – Status – On Time
Endor – Status – Delayed
Coruscant – Status – On Time
Tatooine – Status – On Time
Alderaan – Status – See Agent
Tatooine – Status – On Time
Alderaan – Status – See Agent
Endor – Status – Delayed

Hmmm.  I wonder what’s going on with Alderaan.

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