Science: You’re Probably Better Off Not Knowing This

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Continuing with our Doom and Gloom theme for 2012, I’m pleased to present you with ten scientific discoveries you’re just better off not knowing about (although you’ve undoubtedly heard of one or two of these).  You can read the entire article here, but for those of you who don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of bad news, I’ll give you the quick and dirty.

1. The Earth is not the center of the universe.  Okay, it’s a golden oldie, but it’s still one major significant discovery.  It sure played hell with Copernicus’s life.

2. The Microbes are gaining on us.  Blame it on the antibiotics.

3. There have been mass extinctions in the past and we’re probably in one now.  Five, to be exact.  Blame this one on the humans.

4. Things that taste good are bad for you.  You’re fighting a losing battle here.  We’re programmed from ancient times (and food scarcity) to gorge on salt, fat and sugar.

5. E=MC2.  Brilliant equation but it gave us The Bomb.

6. Your mind is not your own.  Humans are a mess of cognitive fail.

7. We’re all apes.  That’s a blow to the ego — which is why so many humans are in denial about evolution.  I’ve heard the apes aren’t thrilled about it either.  They think they’re superior to humans…and they’re probably right.

8. Cultures throughout history and around the world have engaged in ritual human sacrifice.  By and large I don’t endorse this, but I do know some people who could get behind the ancient Maya practice of sacrificing the losing ballgames team.

9. We’ve already changed the climate for the rest of the century.  And it’s only 2012.  Of course, if the Mayans are right, this is the rest of the century.

10. The universe is made of stuff we can barely begin to imagine.  Dark is the key word here: dark matter and dark energy, and no we can’t imagine it.

(via: The Smithsonian Magazine)

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