Game Review: Skyrim

January 12, 2012 at 1:42 pm | Posted in Fantasy, Reviews, Video Games | 1 Comment
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I’m also a Nightengale and have this awesome ninja armor. Booyah!

My name is Otto. I am a Breton. And I’m the Dragonborn.

After 150 hours of gameplay, I felt I was finally worthy of writing a review of Skyrim for the Xbox 360. For fans of the Elder Scrolls games, this is a must have, must play, there just isn’t anyway around it. Overall it feels like an improvement over the previous game, Oblivion, with much smoother gameplay and user interfaces, even in-game mechanics. While it might not have the sheer massive amount of options that Morrowind offered, it does deliver a fun experience with great visuals and tons of adventure. Even after a month of exploration, I have still not explored the entirety of the game nor have I completed the bulk of the quests. When it comes to adventure and exploration, Skyrim delivers in abundance. Continue Reading Game Review: Skyrim…

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