Shoot-A-Trooper 501st Legion Charity

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The 501st Legion will be at Star Wars Celebration VI in full force. Just one of the many activities they have setup is Shoot-A-Trooper. This is your chance to pick up a Nerf gun and blast a stormtrooper…or maybe a celebrity. Shoot-A-Trooper is raising funds for the Peter Mayhew Foundation and will be in the Exhibit Hall near the Food Court.

Along with all the 501st members who will be allowing themselves to be shot, there will be a few celebrity guests as well such as The Clone Wars voice actor Stephen Stanton (who’ll most likely be wearing his Tarkin outfit, Thursday from 12pm-1pm), the young Boba Fett Daniel Logan (Saturday at 12:30 along with Slave Leias), and Peter Mayhew will be hanging out each day toward the end of the day. Stephen Stanton is also bringing his buddy┬áRick Fitts who played Dr. Martin in Star Trek: The Next Generation, so this may be your one and only chance to play Shoot-A-Trekker!

You can find out more about Shoot-A-Trooper by visiting their official Facebook page.

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