Shark Week: Free Diving With Great Whites

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Personally we think anyone who free dives with Great Whites has to be just a little bit nuts.  However, cameraman Andy Casagrande has done 13 Shark Week specials and lived to tell his tales — with all his limbs intact.

Andy has some great stories about his adventures with those scary fish, and some really good tips for dealing with them (if you’re as crazy adventuresome as he is) should you ever encounter a Great White up close and personal.

Great whites are easy. They’re built like pit bulls on steroids. They can bend their fins here and there, but their way of showing they’re angry is they open and close their mouth. So they just show you the jaws sign. They swim right at you and gape.

We’ll take your word for it, Andy.  Anyway, you can catch the entire interview with Entertainment Weekly here.  It’s great stuff so give it a read.

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The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule – A Shark Week Special

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This week Science Thursday happens to be the Thursday of “Shark Week” as ordained by the Discovery Channel. How basic cable stations get to declare an entire week dedicated to a single animal, I don’t know. In the case of shark week, I don’t care.

The reason there is no such thing as a "LOLshark".

Why? Because sharks are the BAMF’s (umm… Biggest And Meanest Fish?) of the sea. When you go swimming at the beach and see the lifeguard running toward the water, you don’t suddenly strain to hear if he is yelling at some teenagers for excessive horseplay. You are listening for one word. “SHARK!” That lifeguard could be yelling at you that the doctor called and said you have a brain tumor and it would be a relief, as long as he wasn’t yelling “SHARK!”

Sharks are nature’s perfect biological murder machine. They are the Pac Man of the sea and everything else in the ocean is an energy dot. From their flesh shredding face daggers to a digestive system that can pass a license plate they are built for one thing, kill it and eat it.

So without further preamble I give you:

The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule Continue Reading The Top 5 Reasons Sharks Rule – A Shark Week Special…

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