Sean Williams and Shane Dix eBook Extravaganza

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Author Sean Williams revealed yesterday on Facebook that his first eight sci-fi stories, all co-authored with Shane Dix, are now available as eBooks. I went ahead and included links to [e-reads] which has a drop down for all available formats. Prices vary with Amazon, B&N, and Apple all at $4.99 a pop, while Kobo is $4.39, and Google Play is $3.82. If you’re a fan of Sean Williams and Shane Dix, fire up your eReader and enjoy.

The Prodigal Sun (1999)
The Dying Light (2000)
The Dark Imbalance (2001)

Echoes of Earth (2002)
Orphans of Earth (2003)
Heirs of Earth (2004)

Ascent (2005)
Descent (2005)

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