The Star Wars Art of ‘Crucible’

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With the release of Troy Denning’s Crucible getting nearer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the cover art. Thus we kick off another edition of our Roqoo Depot Galleria series highlighting the art of Star Wars.

Since Crucible‘s announcement at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, we’ve seen several cover designs for the anticipated Big 3 novel. All of them feature artwork by Cliff Nielsen (who also did the covers for Outbound Flight, Vector Prime, Balance Point, Star By Star, Destiny’s Way, The Unifying Force, the Dark Nest Trilogy and the Jedi Apprentice series) and are designed by Scott Biel.

It all started with this preliminary cover… Continue Reading The Star Wars Art of ‘Crucible’…

New Excerpt for ‘Into the Void’

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Tags: , , , , has an excerpt of chapter three from Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void that you can check out here. They also have an image gallery for the making of the cover, which is pretty cool. Into the Void will be out in hardcover and digital formats on May 7th.

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EUCantina Interviews Scott Biel

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EUCantina posted an interview yesterday with Random House Art Director Scott Biel. We’ve seen Scott’s name mentioned recently with the cover designs for Scourge, Mercy Kill, Choices of One and The Essential Reader’s Companion.

Why did X-wing: Mercy Kill undergo a cover revision?

Scott Biel: For Mercy Kill, we looked at what was originally the final and felt it looked dated. We wanted the design to harken back to the old Bantam X-wing novels but it was missing the mark. While discussing redesigning the cover we saw these great posters for Star Wars done by Olly Moss. I used this as inspiration for the cover and I’m very happy with the final product.

Click here to read the full interview.

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