Monday Funny: Saxon Codpiece is Coming!

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Author Kevin Hearne is a very very funny man. Follow him on Google+¬†for a while and you’ll see what we mean. Kevin is the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles (which are also packed with humor and Star Wars references), and will be writing the upcoming Luke Skywalker novel, part of the Star Wars Rebels series. To give you a taste of his humor, we present his ongoing joke, Saxon Codpiece.

Coming Soon: SAXON CODPIECE in PRECIOUS STONES. When billionaire heir Peter Long loses his family jewels he sees no future for himself, so he calls in SAXON CODPIECE to recover his priceless rocks. But when our hero arrives to investigate, Peter Long is blasted to pieces right in front of him, and it’s no longer just about a missing sack of stones. It’s about justice and spontaneous Peter explosions, and SAXON CODPIECE knows a thing or two about that!

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