Inside ‘The Dancers’ Pit’ With Shea Standefer

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shea-standefer-jainaIf you’re into cosplay and/or the EU, you probably stand a good chance of recognizing Shea Standefer, since she’s pretty much the penultimate Jaina Solo cosplayer.  While you may know her for her love of the EU and cosplay, she is also a talented artist, and I’ve been following Shea’s career since our days together on a discussion forum.  With talent, determination and hard work, Shea’s love of Star Wars has been rewarded.  She is now an official Star Wars artist, with an official print that will be available at CEII, and she shared some of her process for The Dancers’ Pit with Roqoo Depot.  You can read our interview with Shea after the cut.

Shea's CEII print Continue Reading Inside ‘The Dancers’ Pit’ With Shea Standefer…

Monday Funny: Return of the Jedi, One Minute Galactica Style

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If you’ve ever questioned our taste in humor, question no more.  With this video we’re proving how bad it is.  FYI: this video is hilarious.

Posted by Synlah for Roqoo Depot

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