Book Review: ‘Lesser Evil’ by Robert Simpson

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Lesser Evil is the fourth book in the Mission Gamma Series. It was written by Robert Simpson, and was released by Pocket Books at Simon and Schuster in November 2002. 

This is by far the shortest book in the series. It is so short that it is roughly ⅓-½ the length of the first book. The length of this book feels more like a remnant of the length of the Star Trek books in the 90s while the other three books feel more like the age of Star Trek in the 2000s. 

Despite the short length, this is a highly entertaining story. I was hooked to both plots here, and for the first time, the Defiant plot was the most interesting plotline. Defiant notices a strange energy signature, which leads them to an uninhabited planet with not one but two life forms. What transpires is shocking and highly interesting.

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