Quantum Superconductors Locked In A Magnetic Field

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The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) just concluded their annual conference yesterday. For Science Thursday I thought we would look at one of the (pardon the pun) cooler displays. A superconductive magnet, super cooled with liquid nitrogen, to create a locked magnetic field. It is a simple demonstration, but the real world practical uses could include anything from “Mag-Lev” trains (alá the television series Caprica) to potential uses in artificial gravity or inertial dampening.

Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field (www.quantumlevitation.com). For an explanation of the physics behind this demonstration, visit www.quantumlevitation.com/levitation/The_physics.html.

With the theme “Knowledge that Works: From Theory to Practice,” the 2011 ASTC Annual Conference featured more than 100 sessions, which highlighted how science centers and museums are putting new ideas to practical use to serve their communities. The conference was hosted by the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, October 15-18.

by Revmacd For Roqoo Depot – Where Science Meets Science Fiction

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