New Release: Perfectly Invisible by Michael A. Stackpole

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Michael A Stackpole’s latest novel is now available. Perfectly Invisible is a story set in an alternate universe very similar to ours. The difference is one historical change that spiraled into a sweeping reform of the United States. In this reality, the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 was successful and brought down the towers. Now the site is called the Scar, a reminder in a country now ruled by fear. Homeland Security Service agent Miracle Dunn, however, has a job to do regardless of politics. A mysterious homicide case will take the efforts of her whole team to solve. Through her investigation, readers will be entertained with an intelligent and shifting story that keeps you guessing on who did what and why. Meanwhile the tragic events of the past are slowly revealed as a scary new world is built, one eerily similar to our own, a startling what if scenario.

Perfectly Invisible is available in digital format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, on Michael A. Stackpole’s store, and elsewhere for just $3.99. You can also check out the first three chapters for free on Stackpole’s website. It’s a enjoyable story and you can read our full review here.

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New Excerpt From Michael A. Stackpole’s Perfectly Invisible

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Update: Chapter 3 is now available online for free.

UPDATE: Chapter 2 is now available.

Michael A. Stackpole’s upcoming novel Homeland Security Services: Perfectly Invisible is set in a brand new universe, and now you can get your first taste. Mike has posted Chapter 1 on his website Stormwolf. The novel is set in a fictional universe where the first attack on the World Trade Center was successful. In response the United States passed restrictive laws that forever changed the landscape and sets the story for Perfectly Invisible.

The novel is set to be released on October 1, 2011, so readers won’t have long to wait.

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