Book Review: ‘Peaceable Kingdoms’ by Dayton Ward

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Star Trek: The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms is the fifth and final novel in the epic crossover series of books from Pocket Books, written by Dayton Ward, and released in December of 2013. 

This book definitely felt like it would fit as one of the Next Generation movies. There is a lot of action, but also some great character moments. Unlike the Next Generation movies, it actually follows existing canon and works as part of a series.

The plotlines with Ishan Anjar and the plot to kill Nanietta Bacco are in full swing, with the entire main crew of Picard, Riker, Akkar, and Doctor Crusher all working behind the scenes to examine the evidence of who the President Pro Tempore really is and what their end goal is. I personally was hoping for a little more epic nature to the book, and it’s climax made me go “oh, that’s it”?

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