A Closer Look at ‘Scoundrels’

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Yesterday’s unveiling of the back cover of Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels revealed not only some new characters, but some new images of fan favorite characters, too. While this won’t be the full line up for the novel, it does give us something to dig into. First off, I think it’s rather interesting that the cover has a criminal lineup theme. Not only does it resonate with the title of the book, but is also vibes with the plot. Plus it’s remininiscent of the character lineups in the Ultimate Alien Anthology. Speaking of which… Continue Reading A Closer Look at ‘Scoundrels’…

Star Wars Cover Art: The X-Wing Series

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The Star Wars Cover Art series is back! Next up, the X-Wing series by Michael A. Stackpole, Aaron Allston, and with cover art by Paul Youll and Mike Bryan.

The X-Wing series was the largest Star Wars book series in the Bantam era that wasn’t geared toward young adults. It consisted of the Roque Squadron books, the Wraith Squadron books, and then two stand alone novels: Isard’s Revenge and Starfighters of Adumar.

And it all began in 1996… Continue Reading Star Wars Cover Art: The X-Wing Series…

First Look at The Essential Guide to Warfare

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Del Rey has given us a first glimpse at the artwork in Jason Fry’s The Essential Guide to Warfare. You can check out the images they posted on their Star Wars Books Facebook page. I really love the image of the Rakatan fighting the Killiks.

by artist Paul Youll

Continue Reading First Look at The Essential Guide to Warfare

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