Happy Birthday, Paul Davids

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Today we wish a happy birthday to one of the most overlooked authors of the Expanded Universe, Paul Davids. Paul was the co-author for the Jedi Prince series, which he wrote with his wife, Hollace. From June 1992 to April 1993, their young reader books filled the shelves. In total, they wrote six books for the series: The Glove of Darth VaderThe Lost City of the JediZorba the Hutt’s RevengeMission from Mount YodaQueen of the Empire, and Prophets of the Dark Side. Unlike most Star Wars books, the Jedi Prince series contained illustrations, and considering the content of the books, some of them are rather comical and shocking. From three eyed mutants, ear ring adorned moffs, bearded hutts and even detailed illustrations of sci-fi whales being skinned for their meat. They’re very entertaining reads, all of them set in the five year period after Return of the Jedi.

If you’d like to find out more about Paul Davids, you can check out his official website. His career has expanded a lot from just being a writer, including television and movie work, paintings and much more.

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