Our Interview with Patricia A. Jackson

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Back in the 1990s, there was a resurgence in Star Wars literature in the wake of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy. In writing his books, Timothy Zahn utilized a lot of information from West End Games Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Eight months after the release of The Last Command, West End Games launched their first Star Wars Adventure Journal, a trade paperback sized book full of information for the Star Wars RPG as well as numerous short stories. Patricia A Jackson was one of the writers chosen to supply some of those short stories. She ended up writing no less than nine short stories for the Star Wars Adventure Journal, two of which were reprinted in the Tales from the New Republic and Tales from the Empire anthologies. In addition to those stories, Patricia also wrote the West End Games sourcebook The Black Sands of Socorro.

I had a lot of fun interviewing Patricia on her work for the Star Wars Adventure Journal and West End Games. It’s a time in Star Wars when things were very different from how they are now, but no less enjoyable. Without further ado, here is our interview with Patricia A. Jackson.

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