MidAmeriCon II “Changing the Medium” Panel

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I almost missed out on this panel, but I’m glad I didn’t. The “Changing the Medium” panel at MidAmeriCon II featured authors Martha Wells and William C. Dietz as well as guests Gary Kloster, Christopher Kastensmidt and moderator Monica Valentinelli. Each of the guests on the panel shared some excellent insights on the writing business with a focus on writing in different mediums. This included tie-in work, novelizations and working with games, be it a tabletop game like Pathfinder or video games like Halo and Mass Effect. It was a very cool panel and I managed to get the first 12 minutes of it on video, and I’ve also got the audio for the full panel. Enjoy!

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MidAmeriCon II “Queer Star Wars” Panel

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At MidAmeriCon II, one of the more intriguing Star Wars panels was one called “Queer Star Wars.” With a greater call for diversity in fandom, this panel explored what roads Star Wars has begun to explore in regards of diversity as well as the stumbling blocks it has had to overcome. The panel touches on the reluctance of publishing to accept LGBT characters, their recent change in acceptance, and even the corporate issues with LGBT characters when foreign markets like China are unwilling to embrace such diversity.

The panel is moderated by Matt Jacobson and features Martha Wells (the author of Star Wars: Razor’s Edge), Vivian Trask, Dr. Amy H. Sturgis and Dr. Mary A. Turzillo.

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MidAmeriCon II

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MidAmeriCon II came to Kansas City, MO for the weekend of August 17 to 21st and brought along a nice selection of Star Wars authors. At least Star Wars is always at the forefront of my mind. The big draw for me was two fold: I’d never met Martha Wells, Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, and they had a Star Wars themed Friday loaded with Star Wars panels. Unfortunately a handful of those Star Wars Day panels got re-scheduled to Saturday at the last minute, and I could only attend for Friday, but I still managed to have a blast.

The Kansas City Convention Center is a pretty big place, so the con had plenty of room for the exhibit floor. There was the usual mix of dealers, some odd and interesting displays, an autograph area, an art gallery, a couple food courts, and plenty of space for the publishers. Continue Reading MidAmeriCon II…

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