Things I Do To Avoid Blogging

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Clean out blog spam while playing solitaire.

Really important thing I found while on the internet not blogging

Pretend I’m reading io9 for blog-pertinent stuff.

Search Youtube for videos I can post.  Yeah, right.

Get in discussions with random people on the internet who I absolutely have to set straight because THEY ARE WRONG.

Attempt to organize the media file on the blog.  Still not organized.

Go back to playing solitaire.  I mean cleaning out spam.

Decide to come up with better idea than the one I’m supposed to be working on.  Waste 15 minutes on that.

Suddenly find it absolutely crucial I check out author blogs.

Run over to Netgalley to see what’s new.

Back to solitaire.  Not even pretending now.

Call my kids to impart some critical life advice.  Kids, who are grown adults, reply with, “Avoiding the blog again, are you?”

Decide I’m finally going to knuckle down and start that will-shake-up-the-fantasy-world book.  I can string this one out for a good 30 minutes.

Realize it’s Wednesday, 6:59 PM.  Time for Steve Amell’s abs.  Kill another hour.

Oh, look, no more spam.  Damnit, what am I going to do now?

Go to Netflix.  Because verifying that Dean told Sam he tried to get him out of hell is super important, right?  Get lost in Castiel-centric episodes.

Look at time and decide downtime with a book & sleep are essential for the blogger brain.

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