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Mayan Doomsday Update: You’re going to have to pay your taxes after all.  In the last known, still mostly unexplored Mayan megacity, researchers have discovered unique wall murals and a calendar that predicts the world not being destroyed, but instead continuing.

“In addition to a still vibrant scene of a king and his retinue, the walls are rife with calculations that helped ancient scribes track vast amounts of time. Contrary to the idea the Maya predicted the end of the world in 2012, the markings suggest dates thousands of years in the future.”

The image at the right is a wall mural of Mayan warriors.  It and it’s companion murals are unprecedented, having never been found anywhere else.

You can watch a video on this discovery on the National Geographic website. Continue Reading Big Bang Science…

It’s 2012! Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

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First off, let me say that while Roland Emmerich may have predicted Doomsday on 12/21/2012 the ancient Mayan Calendar never did.  I like Roland.  He gave us Stargates and Pyramid ships and was responsible (in a roundabout way) for one of my favorite TV shows.  But he’s not my go-to guy for scientific prediction.  So with that said, to understand what the Mayans were up to with their calendar you need to at least get a grasp of it, the Long Count calendar that is.  Because the Mayans had more than one calendar. Continue Reading It’s 2012! Welcome to the Rest of Your Life…

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