Mara Month: Roqoo Depot Interview with Timothy Zahn

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To help celebrate Mara Month, we went straight to the source, the creator of Mara, Timothy Zahn. We asked Mr. Zahn what some of of his favorite Mara moments are, how Mara came to be, and more. Enjoy and stay tuned as we will be celebrating Mara all month.

What are some of your favorite Mara moments?

TZ: That’s a hard one — there are so many. If I have to pick three (okay, six): killing C’baoth and saving the day (The Last Command), chiding Luke for his overuse of the Force (Vision of the Future), helping Luke take out a droideka (Survivor’s Quest), letting the Hand of Judgment go (Allegiance), traversing the railing under enemy fire (Choices of One), and her unwelcome but genuine feelings of loss at the end of that book.

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May is for Mara

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It’s hard to believe, but May 29th is the 5th anniversary of the day the SWEU lost Mara Jade Skywalker.  In the intervening years, no one has managed to fill Mara’s boots and really, in some ways, that’s how it should be.  Mara was a fantastic, unforgettable character.  Five years later, her presence is still missed and her absence mourned.  She was an integral part of the SWEU, a perfect foil for Luke Skywalker, and a strong, vital woman and Jedi master in her own right.

Mara was arguably the most popular SWEU original character, and Roqoo Depot is celebrating her life.  For the entire month of May we will be posting special articles, art highlights, and memorable quotes for the most famous redhead in Star Wars, Mara Jade Skywalker.  And we’ll be asking you to join us in remembering an unforgettable female hero.

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The Mara Catsuit Dilemma

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Aurelia: As a female, I can tell you that I am not always happy with how women are portrayed in the media. This includes books, comics, movies and even my first sci-fi love – Star Wars. Apparently, an issue has arisen among some in the Star Wars ‘fandom’ surrounding the visual portrayal of the Expanded Universe character, Mara Jade Skywalker. Mara is almost always seen wearing a form-fitting catsuit that many say is not as distinguished as more Jedi-like attire seen on both Luke and, lately, his sister Leia.  An example of this unrealistic portrayal of Mara, is her picture on the cover of the book Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice.  At that time Mara was 57, but she actually looks to be in her early 30’s on the cover. Now, you may be thinking, is that really an issue? Personally, since it is only a book cover, I do not think so. However, if you see the picture of Leia on the cover of Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Exile, Leia is depicted age appropriate whereas Mara isn’t, even though they are around the same age. Now, we can’t change the images on the cover of the books, but we can talk about why Mara is portrayed as young & sexy all the time. Continue Reading The Mara Catsuit Dilemma…

Her Universe Mara Jade Shirt for CVI?

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Club Jade has a report on this possibility here.  The image is nice and I’m glad Tim Zahn  likes it, but personally I’ll get a Mara shirt when they ditch the cat suit for Jedi robes.

Discuss this on our forum.

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