Six Inch Competition: MAFEX

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At Wonder Festival 2014 in Tokyo, one little item of great interest to Star Wars fans was revealed: a MAFEX Star Wars line. An image taken by TOMOPOP shows a placard for Medicom’s MAFEX 6-inch figure line promoting new releases for The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Star Wars. The MAFEX line is a relatively new one, with just two figures out so far (Spiderman and Batman). All of the figures in the line are 6-inch scale a feature high articulation with a decent amount of accessories and swappable hands. However, the figures also come in at a higher price point, around $40. Whether this line can give Hasbro a run for it’s money is yet to be seen as no actual Star Wars figures were shown off at Wonder Festival. Still, competition could help push Hasbro to put out some better Black Series figures. As a collector of ThreeA figures, $40 is pretty cheap for a highly articulated and detailed figure. If the MAFEX line can blow the Black Series out of the water, then I’m game.

Here’s some images of the Spiderman and Batman figures in the MAFEX line to give you an idea of what we might expect from a Star Wars figure. For more pictures, be sure to check out Toyark. Continue Reading Six Inch Competition: MAFEX…

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