Newsarama Interview With Hardman and Bechko of Legacy 2

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Star-Wars-Legacy-4-coverGabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko sat down with Newsarama and talked about their series, Legacy 2.  While Legacy 2 maintained some of the Legacy comics characters, it also introduced the character of Ania Solo to the GFFA, and Hardman and Bechko discuss this character and their approach to telling a Star Wars story.

We love Star Wars and set out to tell a story that could capture that epic, fun, pulpy feel that the first trilogy did so well. That said, we have no intention of dressing up Luke Skywalker’s story in different clothes and retelling it. The key is to give the reader something familiar and fresh at the same time, and we’re doing our best to pull that off. Honestly, we’re also just trying to tell a Star Wars story that we would want to read.

You can read the entire interview and their plans for Legacy 2 on Newsarama.

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