Dark Horse Now On Kindle

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Hot on the heels of the release of the company’s Android app, and following up its incredible success with Kobo and Nook, Dark Horse is proud to announce their titles are available on Amazon’s Kindle, and able to be purchased in the Kindle Store (www.amazon.com/kindlestore).

Dark Horse digital graphic novels are now available for purchase in the Kindle Store, with over 100 of the company’s top titles featured, like Mass Effect, Hellboy, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Sin City,and more! Additionally, Dark Horse will be offering dozens of its prose titles including Vampire Hunter D, Hellboy, Yahtzee Coshaw’s new book Jam, and more!

Starting today, the world’s Dark Horse graphic novels arrive on Kindle. Look for more and more titles to be added every month!

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Walmart of the Web or the Next Evil Empire?

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An intriguing article by Julianne Pepitone revealed the threat that Amazon poses to the publishing industry, and now the tech industry as well. Amazon turned the screws to the publishing industry by offering books cheaper than anyone else. With the recent trend in self-publishing and the ease of creating eBooks, Amazon has used its name recognition as a powerful marketing device that rivals the abilities of the largest publishing houses. Now Amazon is going a step further by offering publishing services to authors. But that’s not all because the unveiling of the Kindle Fire today could be the first glimpse of a rather sneaky ulterior motive.

Many will point to the death of Borders as being a result of their inability to stay competitive in the marketplace. Furthermore, many would state that Border’s downfall was a direct result of their inability to compete with Amazon. Think about that for a moment. A company that exists only in the constant streams of 1’s and 0’s that forms the internet was able to kill a goliath bookselling franchise that had over 500 real life, physical stores that people could drive by everyday. The key to success for Amazon is that they simply offer the same products cheaper. In today’s economy, people live on deals. Continue Reading Walmart of the Web or the Next Evil Empire?…

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