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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat spoke with author Paul S. Kemp about his latest book, A Discourse in Steel, and fans can view the transcript right here. Paul talks about the characters, writing the story, gives a mention to the third book A Conversation in Blood, and talks a little about his upcoming Forgotten Realms novel The Godborn which will be set 100 years after The Twilight War Trilogy. They also touched on the all important Star Wars question.

I believe you mentioned in the past a duology for Star Wars. When can we expect that?

Paul S. Kemp: Well, the Disney deal created some wrinkles. I’m under contract. But I’m on standby.

Aside from that, Paul mentioned a “fantasy-thriller-horror novel” he’s trying to find a home for. Until then, fans can pick up A Discourse in Steel in paperback and eBook, though getting the eBook can be a little tricky do to some issues over on Amazon. The Amazon release of the eBook has been delayed to at least the middle of July for US customers (no word yet on Amazon UK or international sites). However, you can get the eBook through Angry Robot Books, the publisher, right here.

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