Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers

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Star TrekCarol Marcus, John Harrison, GATT2000 and Keenser is back.  At Bad Robot headquarters J.J. Abrams revealed to invited members of the media certain spoilers for Into Darkness.

Alice Eve plays Carol Marcus.  Remember this is AU from the original, so no idea if David will happen — or anything with Kirk for that matter.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is John Harrison.  Who, you say?  Could it be a misdirection?  Trek Movie confirmed that John Harrison is the character and not a misdirect.

Joseph Gatt will play a character called GATT2000.  No idea if this is a humanoid, an android or what.

You can check out all the spoilers and speculation: the color of Chekov’s shirts, does Pike walk and Scotty’s alien pal over on Trek Movie.

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