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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review. And remember, we’re always looking for more Star Wars podcasts to check out so feel free to send us a link to one you want reviewed.

Awards Chatter: Chris Pine episode is a superb interview with the actor whose roles range from a Disney prince to Kirk in Star Trek. Chris talks about the long road that led to acting, the parts he’s gone through, the roles he looks for, and why went with some of the roles he’s done. They also focus on his latest movie, Hell or Highwater and what that was like. Great episode.

Blast Points: Episode 50 is all about The Phantom Menace. No news, to pre-show warm up, just straight to all the goodness of TPM. They recall opening night, they go through most of the key scenes of the movie, and share lots of love. Truly a great episode and a shining example of what they do best. Blast Points enjoys Star Wars for all its ridiculousness and awesome moments, loving them equally and sharing the fun. This one earns my pick of the week.

Blast Points: Episode 51 begins with some discussion of Kathleen Kennedy’s statements on what will come after Episode IX, the Boba Fett teaser trailer that never happened, Amelia Clarke joining the Han Solo cast, the Japanese Rogue One trailer, digital Wedge, and the opening title theme. Then they get into their main topic – Catalyst. They talk about James Luceno’s novel and provide some great observations like the nanny droid being a nod to another popular nanny, the ties to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, was the Death Star 2 the Separatist version, Poggle the Lesser, and more. Great episode that doesn’t really spoil too much. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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