Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

After Dark Side: Episode 22 is the best After Dark Side episode I’ve listened to so far. They start out talking about YouTube, stuff they’re watching and new policies, then the discussion shifts to UFO’s and poltergeists. They get into dream examinations and spook stories which is pretty cool. Fun one to listen to.

Beltway Banthas: Episode XII features guests Lauren Milberger and Rachel Leishman (The FordCast) as they talk about actor Harrison Ford, his activism and his politics. It’s a very interesting episode covering aspects you don’t normally hear about on most Star Wars podcasts. Good one to check out.

Blast Points: Episode 39 covers Rogue One news, the product catalog, Star Wars Rebels clips, episode titles, and then they go into the George Lucas Super Live Adventure. They talk about the show, all the stuff it covered, the various music acts, etc. Now they don’t go into the history of the show too much as this one is mostly an overview of what was in the show as they watched the whole thing on YouTube. If you don’t know anything about it, Tested.com did a really nice write up on it a while back. That said, this episode gives you a better idea of what actually happened in the show without watching it yourself. Of course, it’ll also persuade you to check it out. Have fun! Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Happy Birthday, Jeremy Bulloch

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Today might be President’s Day, but we’re celebrating Jeremy Bulloch’s birthday. Jeremy will forever be famous for playing Boba Fett and today he turns 70. Happy birthday, Jeremy!


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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: “All About Sheev (and Other Star Wars Names)” tackles the Marvel and DC movie lineups as well as movies heading to TV. Special guest Justin Bulger stops by to talk about Palpatine’s first name and Star Wars names in general. Other topics in this show include actors up for Marvel roles, and some Harry Potter discussion. Great episode all around.

Coffee with Kenobi: Rebels Reactions – Droids in Distress episode features guest Matt Moore. They get into the depth of Zeb’s character, the use of post traumatic stress disorder for him, how the Kanan comic is now being turned into an ongoing series rather than just a miniseries, Kanan’s character transition between A New Dawn and Star Wars Rebels, and R2 as the ultimate mole. Very nice on-topic, revealing discussions. I really enjoyed their guest for this episode and all of the insights he was able to bring to the topic. After the show, the hosts have their kids on to get their opinions on Star Wars Rebels.

Rebels Reactions – Fighter Flight episode includes guest Teresa Delgado. They cover the background role of the female characters up to this point of the series, Chopper’s mischievousness, TIE fighters and the lighter nature of this episode.

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Zahn and Bulloch reddit AMA’s Today

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redditStar Wars author Timothy Zahn and Star Wars actor Jeremy Bulloch are both doing reddit “Ask Me Anthing” (AMA’s) today. You can check out Tim Zahn’s AMA at 6:00 PM EDT right here. Jeremy Bulloch’s AMA has already begun and you can read it here.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Coffee with Kenobi: Rebels Reactions with Vanessa Marshall is a great interview diving deep into the character of Hera Syndulla (without any spoilers of course). Vanessa talks about Star Wars Rebels, the films and fandom.

Full of Sith: Episode LXVII features hosts Mike, Bryan and special host Amy Ratcliffe who fills in for Bobby this week. They talk about the Force for Change contest and video and some Episode VII rumors. Later in the show, Craig Dickinson joins them for more Star Wars in the classroom as his students finish up The Phantom Menace, knock out Attack of the Clones and move into Revenge of the Sith. What questions did the kids ask? What elements surprised them? Tune in to find out. It’s actually a pretty fun feature of the recent shows.

Geek Out Loud: Episode 89 is co-hosted by Teresa Delgado and features a great conversation with her and Steve recapping Star Wars Weekends and the RebelForce meetup. Afterwards they cover listener questions regarding Padme losing the will to live, why Return of the Jedi is the best film, and off the wall topics like Steve Glosson bobble head merchandise. They talk Disney, they talk movies, even Teresa’s husband Greg shows up. All in all, it’s a great show full of fun Star Wars conversation with two excellent Star Wars fans. Steve and Teresa are a winning combination as podcast hosts. Even though they had some technical difficulties in this show, I’d still mark them as the pick of the week in regards to Star Wars podcasts.

Jedi Journals: June 2014 Episode is definitely worth checking out. As usual, they cover book and comic news, recent releases, and upcoming releases. They also have special guests Erich and Joe from Star Wars Books on for just about the whole show. They do a reading from The Empire Striketh Back, talk about upcoming con events, and reveal some awesome news. At San Diego Comic Con the Del Rey booth will be giving away a special advance copy of John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn with a variant Doug Wheatley cover and snippets from the other upcoming adult Star Wars novels in the back. If you’re heading to SDCC, this is a chance to get a full copy of A New Dawn months in advance of everyone else for free. Hearing Joe’s voice, I also finally make the connection to who Johnny Star Wars is. Plus I learned that OfficialPix has limited signed hardcover copies of Warwick Davis’ autobiography Size Matters Not. Pretty good deal for a signed hardcover. Overall, great episode to check out. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Podcasts in Review

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Here’s this week’s Star Wars podcasts in review.

501stCast: Episode 77 catches up on all the news from the 501st Legion and includes an awesome interview with author Ryder Windham who talks about the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual.

Bombad Radio: Episode 103 features audio from Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 and the Ray Park panel. Ray talks about playing Toad in the X-Men movies, Darth Maul, Snake Eyes and how he got started in Mortal Kombat Annihilation which actually led to his gig as Darth Maul. Really good audio and some nice comments from Ray who even touches on Star Wars Episode VII.

Episode 98 features more audio from Salt Lake Comic Con 2013, this time covering the William Shatner panel. I had initially passed this episode over in order to catch up with other podcasts, but when I finally got the chance to listen to it, I was thoroughly entertained. Shatner puts on a good show and his panel is pretty fun to listen to. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek or not, it’s worth a listen.

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Around the Web

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Kicking the news off with interviews, author Martha Wells did an interview with Evan Ramspott covering her new book, Emilie & the Hollow World. They also discuss cover art, plotting and theme songs. You can check it out here.

Comic Book Resources has an entertaining interview between comic writers Brian Wood and Steve Horton. The writers engage in a dual interview that covers their comic work and then some.

Author Michael A. Stackpole did an interview with Rick Novy that covers the usual territory but does include a nice update on what’s coming soon from Mike. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Fetts at Celebration Europe

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In case you haven’t heard yet, there will be no less than four Fetts at Star Wars Celebration Europe II: Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Dickey Beer and John Morton. Click here to check out the official announcement.

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Around the Web

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In movie news this week, the 1988 film Willow was released in blu-ray for the first time. The film stars Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, was directed by Ron Howard, and based on a story by George Lucas. If you look closely while watching the film, you might also spot Kenny Baker (R2-D2) as a Nelwyn musician.

Kick-Ass 2 has a red band trailer out now courtesy of MTV. The release date is now set for August 16th.

Star Trek fans can check out the second trailer for Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Continue Reading Around the Web…

Around the Web

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Let’s start with a little convention and event news. First up, author Kevin Hearne announced he will be heading to Madison, WI for Odyssey Con in April.

Fellow Rebels author Martha Wells posted her schedule for ConDFW which is in Dallas, TX this weekend.

Meanwhile author Daniel Abraham (aka James S.A. Corey) will be hanging out in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday with author Steve Gould at Alamosa Books.

The Clone Wars voice actor Ashley Eckstein will be in Los Angeles, CA this weekend for The 24 Hours of Gallifrey One (50th Anniversary of Doctor Who).

Sam Witwer (TCW Darth Maul) and James Marsters (TCW Capt. Faro Argyus) will also be in LA this weekend but for The Star Trek & Sci-Fi Summit.

Boba Fett actor Jeremy Bulloch will be in Telford, England tomorrow for the Midlands Comic Con & MCM Expo.

And wrapping up con news, San Diego Comic Con badges go on sale tomorrow.

Elsewhere in the news, Darth Vader and Son author Jeffrey Brown will be getting a third book called Star Wars: Jedi Academy which is set to come out in September this year. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have a pre-order page if you’re interested.

Stan Lee graced Youtube with a video of “How It Should Have Ended” for Star Wars. (thanks to Jedi News for spotting this gem)

Lastly, TheForce.Net’s The ForceCast has re-launched with new hosts and their first episode is out. The new podcast is headed by Erik Blythe and Eric Geller.

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