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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Geeked Out Dads, Hi-Def Trauma & Ticked off Peggy kicks off with Regina, from Comic Book Noob, and her dad as they geek out on space and pop culture in celebration of Father’s Day. Then Matt, Scott and Jeff cover the news, The Killing Joke getting a one day theatrical release, new Transformers animated release, LEGO’s The Freemaker Adventures, and more.

Blast Points: Episode 26 covers some news, E3, the Palpatine tv script, LEGO’s The Force Awakens game, the Lucas museum, and then they head into their Qui-Gon-a-thon as they talk all things Qui-Gon. They cover his Jedi philosophy, his relationship with the Jedi council, his ability to live on in the Force, and how Luke is more like him than any other Jedi. Great entertaining show as always.

Blast Points: Episode 27 touches on the Episode VIII licensing expo news, Celebration panels, then plows into the Rogue One news. They cover the Rogue One pics, the Entertain Weekly character info, and take a deep dive into the Saw Gerrera reveal, the ties and connections, and the storytelling potential. Another great episode that is keeping this podcast in the top of its category. Blast Points is easily one of the best podcasts out there right now for Star Wars discussion. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web.


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SDCC 2013 Star Wars Video Roundup

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A lot of good videos came out of San Diego Comic Con 2013 including quite a few interviews. We put together a roundup of the Star Wars ones for fans to enjoy, some featuring Star Wars writers discussing their other projects, plus a look at The Bounty Hunter Code that reveals the artists for the book.

John Jackson Miller (KenobiOverdraft: The Orion Offensive) interview via Fandom Network

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Essential Reader’s Companion Interviews

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Suvudu posted a couple interviews from New York Comic Con. First up is Jeff Carlisle, one of the artists for Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion.

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Con Roundup

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Bunch of convention news for this weekend. First up, Fantasycon 2012 kicks off today in Brighton, England. The con will run from September 27th to 30th and future Star Wars author Tim Lebbon will be there. You can check out his con schedule here and you can find all the details for Fantasycon here.

Tomorrow Pandoracon kicks off in Cincinnati, OH and runs from the 28th to 30th. Star Wars artist Jeff Carlisle will be there as a guest of honor.

The Mid-Ohio Comic Con will also start up tomorrow in Columbus, OH and will run till Sunday. Jedi Knights of Columbus, Mandalorian Mercs, Ohio 501st Legion, Great Lakes Base of the Rebel Legion, and the Ohio Star Wars Collector’s Club will all be there.

Saturday the Las Vegas Comic Expo will begin and will run all weekend. In attendance will be Star Wars comic artist Stephane Roux, Tim Bradstreet, Adam Hughes, Drew Edward Johnson, Andrew Pepoy, and artists Ian McCaig, Allison Sohn, and Cat Staggs.

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Star Wars Celebration VI – THE Essential Panel

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THE Essential Panel at Star Wars Celebration VI was a surprisingly fun panel packed with new art images for the upcoming essential books as well as sun fun insight and behind the scenes info. You can check out our video below which includes full audio for the panel with some slides of the artwork that was revealed. The panel was hosted by Pablo Hidalgo, Erich Schoeneweiss, Doug Wheatley, Jason Fry, Chris Trevas, and Jeff Carlisle.

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Where’s Waldo? Jeff Carlisle Unites the Star Wars Community

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Of all the exclusive art prints heading to Star Wars Celebration VI this year, Jeff Carlisle’s is one of the most interesting. His piece entitled “A Fan’s Hope, Naam’s Huttese Theater, Tatooine” combines the fun aspect of a Where’s Waldo picture with all the great elements of Star Wars. Yet if you look closer, the people populating the picture aren’t just the iconic movie characters…they’re real people. Jeff took the time to include his friends, fellow artists, enthusiastic Star Wars fans and cosplayers, and even himself. Oh, and there is a Waldo in the picture, but it’s a WLD-O droid. Continue Reading Where’s Waldo? Jeff Carlisle Unites the Star Wars Community…

More Celebration VI Art

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StarWars.com has unveiled round two of the Celebration VI art. Prints include those by artists Brent Woodside, Marc Wolfe, Doug Cowan, Joshua M. Smith (Hydro74), Mark Raats, Jeff Carlisle, and Tsuneo Sanda. You can find all of the print information here along with larger image sizes. Continue Reading More Celebration VI Art…

And the Hutts Roll On

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More news for Scourge: author Jeff Grubb did a podcast interview with Star Wars Report, an interview with Big Shiny Robot, and Star Wars Books revealed this image from the upcoming Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion.

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The Essential Reader’s Companion official cover and blurb

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Del Rey’s Star Wars Books posted a peek of The Essential Reader’s Companion cover today.  The cover was designed by Scott Biell and painted by Paul Youll.  If you look closely, you can see some of your favorite Star Wars EU books.  Doesn’t Yoda look adorable?

UPDATE: Here’s the blurb from StarWars.com:

Star Wars: The Essential Reader’s Companion is the first Essential Guide devoted entirely to published Star Wars fiction, from the original movie novelization, to young reader’s books, short stories, eBook novellas, and the most recent adult novels. This book will cover all the fiction that has built the Star Wars Expanded Universe over the last thirty-five years. Written by Pablo Hidalgo and featuring more than one hundred color illustrations by popular Star Wars artists Chris Trevas and Jeff Carlisle, this book will be an invaluable source for Star Wars readers and fans.

The Essential Reader’s Companion goes on sale August 21, 2012.

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