Carrie Fisher Talks Episode 7 Plot. Wink, Wink

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han_solo_and_princess_leiaCarrie Fisher always gives good entertainment value, especially when it comes to Star Wars.  She’s at it again with her Episode 7 plot ideas, this time at Sydney Supernova.

“Han Solo and I have been unhappily married for many years, and so we speak through the wookies and use a translator.  I regularly say to R2 ‘Tell that son of a bitch to ***!’ And we have children, but one of them looks a lot like Chewbacca, and we use Yoda, who’s regenerated on a planet somewhere, for marital therapy. I urge Chewie to get waxed for sure!

“There’s also a lot of shopping because there’s cool things to buy and giant planets that are shopping malls. Alderaan means shopping mall by the way. And then I start sleeping with robots, how about that?”

Of course, it is Carrie, sooo…  But isn’t this a lot better than the usual no comments, or details will be released in 2014?

Thanks to Jedi News for spotting this one.

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Utini Shout Outs

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Wampa’s Lair Podcast: for fun discussion.  Be sure to check them out and give their facebook page a like.  You can find their podcast here.

Jeff Grubb: you can snag yourself a free short story by Jeff from the Midgard Preview online here.  The Midgard Campaign is part of the Pathfinder RPG, the world”s oldest fantasy roleplaying game.

Geekologie: for showcasing an awesome Star Wars Halloween display made out of straw.

blastr: for unearthing some making of footage for The Empire Strikes Back.

Jedi News: for finding this great Star Wars flash mob orchestra.

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Utini Shout Outs

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Paul Kemp and Frank Parisi: For just about the best tweets we’ve ever seen. Um, NSFW, but trust me, they’re goodies.

Jedi News: You will soon have two places to find out what the 501st is up to.  Jedi News will also be carrying the Databurst.  Also a shout out to Nicky of the 501st for facilitating this sharing between Roqoo Depot and Jedi News.  You can check out Jedi News here.

John Jackson Miller: He’s my new best friend.  Yay for a new Obi-Wan Kenobi book.  And it’s a hardcover.  Be still my heart.  Check out JJM’s blog, Faraway Looks.

Think Geek: For this great bottle opener.  I need to get one of those… for my IBC rootbeer.

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Drew Karpyshyn for Star Wars Reads Day

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“Drew Karpyshyn, author most recently of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Annihilation, talks about the deeper understanding of the ‘dark side’ he gained from writing books that predate the movies.

On Saturday, October 6, 2012, Star Wars Reads Day is coming to your galaxy. Join in a celebration of reading and all things Star Wars at over 1,200 bookstores, schools, and libraries nationwide, with giveaways and raffles, and authors and/or costumed characters appearing at select locations. Find an event near you at!” ~ Star Wars Youtube

(via Jedi News twitter)

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