Suvudu Fifty Page Friday: The Exodus Towers

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Exodus TowersThe Exodus Towers, by Jason M. Hough, releases next Tuesday, but you can get a jump on it today with Suvudu’s Fifty Page Friday excerpt.  This second book in the Dire Earth Trilogy is garnering a 4+ stars rating over on Goodreads early reviews.  Its predecessor, The Darwin Elevator, made the New York Times best seller list, which is quite an accomplishment for a debut novel.  Hough has taken known elements in the scifi genre and twisted them in an imaginative and different direction.  Characters are so alive and the narrative so compelling, the story jumps off the page and grabs you.

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‘The Darwin Elevator’ Hits NYT Best Sellers List

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The-Darwin-Elevator-USWe’re always thrilled when a book we love and promote hits the NYT bestsellers list.  What makes this particularly special is the fact that the The Darwin Elevator is Jason M. Hough’s debut novel.  As Jason expressed on Facebook, he’s “officially gobsmacked.”

Well done, Jason, well done.

You can read our interview with Jason M. Hough here and our review of The Darwin Elevator here.

Don’t miss the rest of the Dire Earth Trilogy.  The Exodus Towers releases this month on the 27th, and The Plague Forge on September 24.

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Review: The Darwin Elevator

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The-Darwin-Elevator-USIn the mid-23rd century, Darwin, Australia, stands as the last human city on Earth. The world has succumbed to an alien plague, with most of the population transformed into mindless, savage creatures. The planet’s refugees flock to Darwin, where a space elevator—created by the architects of this apocalypse, the Builders—emits a plague-suppressing aura.

Skyler Luiken has a rare immunity to the plague. Backed by an international crew of fellow “immunes,” he leads missions into the dangerous wasteland beyond the aura’s edge to find the resources Darwin needs to stave off collapse. But when the Elevator starts to malfunction, Skyler is tapped—along with the brilliant scientist, Dr. Tania Sharma—to solve the mystery of the failing alien technology and save the ragged remnants of humanity. (Cover blurb)

What happens when you present zombies, (relatively) hard science, and post apocalyptic dystopia to a reviewer who likes none of the above?  Well, you get a shocked reviewer who is happily wrong about all of that when this so right book comes along.  I know, I know it sounds like every hot genre of the moment mashed together so how can it be good?  Trust me, it’s not just good.  It’s fantastic — because Jason Hough can write a kick ass story in a world with characters that jump right off the page, and spring to life right before your eyes. What starts off feeling like an abrupt drop into the middle of things turns into a thumping good adventure, one with enough twists and turns to keep you page turning for hours. Continue Reading Review: The Darwin Elevator…

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