J.W. Rinzler Has Passed Away

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It has just come to our attention that Star Wars author J.W. Rinzler passed away last week due to his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. J.W. Rinzler is famous for his behind the scenes “Making of” books for Star Wars. While I did not know him, his books and interviews always made for fascinating escapes into the realm of Star Wars. He will be missed.

You can read his obituary here.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points Podcast: Episode 128 they talk about George’s comments on the Whills, new Star Wars Battlefront II content, Jedi: Fallen Order, then their main topic The Ewok Adventure read-along books. First they talk a little about The Ewok Adventure movies, the continuity of the Ewok universe, and then they listen to the audio for the read-along books. Fun episode.

Podcast Network: N/A
Runtime: 1 hour 10 minutes
Audio Quality: Excellent
Editing: Excellent
Hosts: Jason, and Gabe
Rating: Fun

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 129 Dan is joined by guests Din and Taxus as they talk about the characters in Solo, the theme of tribe and family, and whether Han changes. Dan has an audio segment from an event at the Riverfront Museum where he talked about the mythology of Han Solo and his trip to the premier (audio quality for this segment is okay). Dan, Tom and Cory go over the news, George’s comments on the Whills, and SDCC exclusives. Dan talks with his son Jason about The Empire Strikes Back, and Din has a new remix for one of his songs.

Podcast Network: Coffee With Kenobi
Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
Audio Quality: Good
Editing: Great
Host: Dan
Rating: Good Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

After Dark Side: Episode 22 is the best After Dark Side episode I’ve listened to so far. They start out talking about YouTube, stuff they’re watching and new policies, then the discussion shifts to UFO’s and poltergeists. They get into dream examinations and spook stories which is pretty cool. Fun one to listen to.

Beltway Banthas: Episode XII features guests Lauren Milberger and Rachel Leishman (The FordCast) as they talk about actor Harrison Ford, his activism and his politics. It’s a very interesting episode covering aspects you don’t normally hear about on most Star Wars podcasts. Good one to check out.

Blast Points: Episode 39 covers Rogue One news, the product catalog, Star Wars Rebels clips, episode titles, and then they go into the George Lucas Super Live Adventure. They talk about the show, all the stuff it covered, the various music acts, etc. Now they don’t go into the history of the show too much as this one is mostly an overview of what was in the show as they watched the whole thing on YouTube. If you don’t know anything about it, Tested.com did a really nice write up on it a while back. That said, this episode gives you a better idea of what actually happened in the show without watching it yourself. Of course, it’ll also persuade you to check it out. Have fun! Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Beyond the Vote: Episode #006 covers a bad week for Trump as he talks abortion, the numbers involved for delegates, and what’s in store for the convention. Riley and Scott take politics and make it interesting. It’s noteworthy when each week one of the podcasts I look forward to most has nothing to do with Star Wars.

Blast Points: Episode 17 continues to raise the bar as Jason interviews Star Wars author J.W. Rinzler. I’ve heard Jason do a handful of interviews, and he always does a top notch job with some excellent questions. In this episode he talks with Rinzler about his first exposure to Star Wars, getting a job at Lucasfilm, making the Making Of books, and tries to get in a question about the Making of The Force Awakens, which unfortunately gets shot down. Good try though. They wrap up with some quick Star Wars favorite questions to finish off a fun interview. Be sure to give this one a listen.

Bombad Radio: Episode 236 features a Rogue One roundtable discussion with Jeremiah, James, Jason, Gabe and author Adam Bray as they give a full breakdown of the trailer with some excellent observations and connections. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

  • Author Kevin Hearne posted some updates. He’s currently working on a fantasy novel called A Plague of Giants. He also revealed the title for the next Iron Druid Chronicles book, Staked. IDC fans can also look forward to a new short story he has written called “A Prelude to War” which is set after the events of Shattered.
  • Star Wars fans interested in checking out some non-Star Wars books by Star Wars authors might be interested in the Humble Sci-Fi Bundle which includes eBooks by Timothy Zahn, Barbara Hambly, William C. Dietz, Alan Dean Foster, Greg Bear and others.

Continue Reading Around the Web…

CBR Interview Rinzler Plus Art From #0 Issue

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CBR has a nice interview with J.W. Rinzler covering The Star Wars. He made some interesting comments…

“This is the raw form and it’s just a fun adventure, a fun romp — the characters develop but it’s very organic — so it’s not even really clear who the central character is until you get to the fifth and sixth issue.” -J.W. Rinzler

“But there’s more story left than Annikin’s story. The Wookiees are going to come into it too. George never slows down his inventiveness so I think the story keeps getting better and better. What I like about “The Star Wars” #4 is that you get a “Dirty Dozen” team assembled and now they’re going off on their main adventure, which is to get to the princess to safety. And it’s kind of started already but it’s also basically a romance between Annikin and Leia while Annikin tries to succeed in his mission.” -J.W. Rinzler

“You’re going to see a bunch of Wookiees.” -J.W. Rinzler

“[General Luke Skywalker] is the mentor to Annikin, definitely. But he’s also more like Patton. “I don’t care who is up against me, I have a very short temper and I am going to cut off heads, legs, whatever it takes. I will even cut people in half.” Jedi in “The Star Wars” are take-no-prisoners. They’re almost like samurai. Once they take out their lightsabers, they are lethal. They’re not going to put it back in the sheath because a few people are missing arms, legs and heads.” -J.W. Rinzler

Click here to check out the full interview. They also have some page samples from the upcoming #0 issue which includes new sketch artwork and info.

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The Original Trilogy Storyboards Update

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Edelweiss now has a product page for the upcoming Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy. The release date is set for March 13, 2014.

For the first time, Lucasfilm has opened its Archives to present the complete storyboards for the original Star Wars trilogy-the world-changing A New Hope and its operatic sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi-as well as never-before-published art from early conceptual and deleted scenes.
From the opening chase above Tatooine in A New Hope to the Battle of Endor in Jedi, this book presents the visual inspiration behind now-iconic moments. Readers can finally see a full set of storyboards by legendary artist Joe Johnston, as well as early boards for Episode IV by Alex Tavoularis and for Episode V by Ivor Beddoes, rarely seen Episode VI boards by Roy Carnon, and Ralph McQuarrie’s never-before-seen storyboards for Episode V.

Edited by J.W. Rinzler and with an introduction by Joe Johnston, the 352 page hardcover will include 1,200 4-color illustrations.

Specs: Abrams (publisher), $40.00 US/$45.00, 9″ W x 11.88″ H

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Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web covering Star Wars and beyond.

Art News

Black Friday Deals

  • For Black Friday, Titan Magazines is running a special promotion for Star Wars Insider. Sign up and you can get a free copy of the Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual or the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual.
  • Yakface.com is doing a Black Friday Giveaway for Wave 2 of the 3-3/4″ Black Series figures.
  • Walmart is doing a pre-Black Friday sale on the LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles DVD combo for The Phantom Clone and Menace of the Sith.
  • And Things From Another World is doing their annual Black Friday sale which is a great way to pick up some cheap comics. Some comics are already on sale, with discounts increasing as Black Friday draws nearer.
  • Club Jade also has a look at what Her Universe will have out for Black Friday.

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Podcasts in Review

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Here’s this week’s Star Wars podcasts in review.

501stCast: Episode 77 catches up on all the news from the 501st Legion and includes an awesome interview with author Ryder Windham who talks about the Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual.

Bombad Radio: Episode 103 features audio from Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 and the Ray Park panel. Ray talks about playing Toad in the X-Men movies, Darth Maul, Snake Eyes and how he got started in Mortal Kombat Annihilation which actually led to his gig as Darth Maul. Really good audio and some nice comments from Ray who even touches on Star Wars Episode VII.

Episode 98 features more audio from Salt Lake Comic Con 2013, this time covering the William Shatner panel. I had initially passed this episode over in order to catch up with other podcasts, but when I finally got the chance to listen to it, I was thoroughly entertained. Shatner puts on a good show and his panel is pretty fun to listen to. Whether you’re a fan of Star Trek or not, it’s worth a listen.

Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

New Release: ‘The Making of’ Enhanced eBooks

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Today ‘The Making of’ enhanced eBooks are out and available for various devices including Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. The Making of Star Wars, The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Enhanced Editions include rare behind-the-scenes video, audio interviews with the cast and crew, and additional photos and artwork. You can find links to the participating retailers via Random House’s product pages.

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