“Heist” by Timothy Zahn

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The latest edition of Star Wars Insider includes “Heist”, a short story by Timothy Zahn that precludes the events of his upcoming novel, Scoundrels. Like Winner Lose All, this story features a few of the scoundrels, in this case it’s just Tavia and Bink Kitik. In “Heist”, the twin sisters work a con on a wealthy individual named Christoff. The heist takes place on a starliner cruise, and while brief, it does help introduced the new characters. Bink is a bit of a troublemaker, while her sister Tavia is the more ethical one. Tavia is also good with electronics.

If you don’t have a subscription to Star Wars Insider but would still like to check out Timothy Zahn’s new short story “Heist”, then don’t forget that you can use the Zinio Digital Magazines’ previewer. Follow the link, click on the cover of Star Wars Inisder 138, and flip through the magazine to page 48. Remember, you only get three zoom ups, so use them wisely. It’s just enough to check out the new story and the artwork by Brian Rood.

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Zahn News: More Scoundrel Heists in December

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Timothy Zahn posted a lengthy update on his Facebook page Friday with a rundown of his upcoming projects. Tim will be writing a pre-Scoundrels short story called “Heist” for Star Wars Insider that will be about Bink and Tavia, two of the characters from Scoundrels, and will be out in December. He will also be writing a pre-Scoundrels novelette which will be released as an eBook in December.

Outside of Star Wars, Zahn will be returning to the Honorverse with a novella tentatively titled “Wake-Up Call.” This will be apart of the next Honorverse anthology and will take place 400 years before Honor Harrington’s birth.

Tim also has another story he has in the works that is tentatively titled “Of Biblical Proportions,” which will be set in the Basil and Moebius universe. It will be part of a upcoming graphic novel which is slated for a fall release.

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