ALL ABOARD! Now Leaving Earth For SUPER EARTH!!!

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This week for Science Thursday, let’s go where no man has gone before. To a Super Earth.

Astronomers in Europe, using the European Space Observatory’s exoplanet hunting maniac machine known as HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher of course), have located sixteen new planets dubbed “Super Earths”. These exoplanets are known as such because they are believed to have a rocky surface and are within five times the mass of our precious little blue marble of a world.

"Welcome to the planet Tahiri. Please have your passports ready as we disembark."

One of these planets also has an orbit that falls within the habitable zone of its star. This particular Super Earth goes by the designation HD85512-B. Fans of Star Wars literature will be thrilled to hear that HD85512-B can be found orbiting a star located in the constellation known as Vela. Not quite the same spelling as Tahiri Veila’s last name but close enough that from now on I will refer to this planet as “Tahiri” because HD85512-B just doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as well. Continue Reading ALL ABOARD! Now Leaving Earth For SUPER EARTH!!!…

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