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Happy July the 4th! After last week’s vacation, I’m back and ready to dish out this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond. Enjoy!

Book News

  • Author Greg Keyes was interviewed by Michael Taylor over on and talks about his latest book Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm.
  • Author Drew Karpyshyn showed up as a guest on this week’s Star Wars Bookworms podcast.

Convention & Event News

  • Florida Supercon runs July 3 through 6 in Miami, FL. Star Wars guests include Timothy Zahn, Bob McLeodCourtenay Taylor and Deep Roy.
  • FantasyCon runs July 3 through 5 in Salt Lake City, UT. Star Wars guests include Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland (Dave Wolverton), Simon Pegg, and Adrienne Wilkinson.
  • WesterCon 67 runs July 3 through 6 in Salt Lake City, UT. Star Wars guests include Kevin J. Anderson and David Farland (Dave Wolverton).
  • Kevin Hearne Shattered book tour will be in San Diego, CA at San Diego Comic Con from July 24 to 27th.
  • Kevin Hearne Shattered book tour will be in San Diego, CA at the Upstart Crow on July 26th.

For more events, be sure to check out Star Wars Actors Appearances. You can also find more of Timothy Zahn’s 2014 appearances on his Facebook page.

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Happy Birthday, Greg Keyes

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greg-keyes-2013Today we wish a very happy birthday to one of our favorite New Jedi Order authors, Greg Keyes. Be sure to wish Greg a happy birthday over on Facebook.

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Happy Birthday, Greg Keyes

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Here’s a birthday shout out to author Greg Keyes.  Besides being a fencer (and fencing coach) and accomplished linguist, Greg is a prolific author of both original and media-related novels, and penned two of the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series favorites: Edge of Victory duology, Conquest and Rebirth.  He also wrote The Final Prophecy for the same series.

Greg has also written for The Elder Scrolls.  Among his original works are the Kingdom of Thorn and Bone series and The Age of Unreason series. Today Greg turns 49.

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Greg Keyes New Book Lord of Souls

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UPDATE: Nearly missed this – Suvudu also posted a 50 page excerpt from Greg Keyes latest novel which you can read here.

Greg Keyes has a new book out this week called Lord of Souls and it’s out now. Many Star Wars fans will remember Greg Keyes contribution to the NJO era with his three books Conquest, Rebirth, and The Final Prophecy. Lord of Souls is his second Elder Scrolls novel taking place 40 years after the Oblivion crisis and centers around the floating city of Umbriel and it’s undead army. As part of their Take Five promotion series, Suvudu asked Mr. Keyes to share five facts about his latest novel.

When playing Oblivion as research for this book, I was really taken with the city of Anvil. I’m not sure why – it just felt like home.

Be sure to head over to Suvudu to read all five of the interesting facts, including his inspiration for Umriel, tips for poisoning someone, his biggest difficulty with the series, and a rare Southeast Asian fruit that made it into the novel.

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Happy Birthday, Greg Keyes

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Roqoo Depot wishes sci-fi author Greg Keyes a very happy birthday.  Along with several original novels, Greg penned novels for the popular Star Wars: New Jedi Order series including Edge of Victory I: Conquest, and Edge of Victory II: Rebirth.  Both novels played a key part in developing the popularity of the character Anakin Solo.

In addition he’s contributed two novels based on the successful Elder Scrolls franchise: The Infernal City, and Lord of Souls. Lord of Souls is set for release on September 27 of this year.

Besides being a writer, Greg is a fencer and accomplished linguist, both of which he drew on for his characters in The Kingdoms of thorn and Bone series.

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