Book Review: ‘Child of Two Worlds’ by Greg Cox

February 13, 2023 at 8:18 am | Posted in Books, Reviews, Sci-Fi, Star Trek | 1 Comment

Star Trek: Child of Two Worlds is a standalone novel from The Original Series line of Star Trek books from Pocket Books. It was written by Greg Cox and was released in December 2015. 

The first thing I will say is that Greg Cox can  write some amazing Star Trek stories. Between this book and The Antares Maelstrom, he has made his way into my Star Trek author top five!

This book is a very straightforward book, and yet it has so much heart to it. Greg Cox takes the simple question of “Nature vs Nurture” and applies it to a Cyprian Girl who is kidnapped by the Klingons and has now become Klingon in almost every aspect. The question is does the Enterprise return her to the Cyprians?….or to the Klingons?

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